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A Cruise Ship Job in Less than 6 days!
Neil Maxwell-Keys
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Here's another classic example of how 'crazy' the cruise line industry can be.

This is a quick case-study of what happened to a member of recently after applying for a job of Youth Staff onboard a cruise ship:

=> She emailed her application to the cruise line on Thursday evening.

=> On Sunday afternoon (3 days later) she received a call from the cruise line asking if they could interview her the following day...

[In-between this she posted an urgent message on our cruise job discussion forum requesting help because, as she put it, she was "in the process of a mild freak-out"!

You can read the original post here:]

=> She was interviewed via telephone on Monday (the next day)

=> The cruise line called her back the day after (Tuesday) and offered her the job. Now here's the "crazy" bit - they asked her if she could be ready to join the ship the FOLLOWING day!

=> She said "YES!" and the cruise line flew her out to join her ship in Juneau, Alaska on Wednesday!

Less than 6 days from start to finish - now that's SERIOUSLY FAST - and a scary proposition for a newbie!

So what can YOU take from this?

Well, here's a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • She took ACTION. She went out and actually applied for jobs - she didn't wait for the job to come to her (you'd be surprised at how many people want to work on a cruise ship, but don't actually get around to applying for any jobs!)
  • NOTE: She DID NOT pay for a so-called "agency" to do this for her. She did it off her own back by applying directly to the cruise line companies. Remember, paying for a job is a scam (on the other hand, paying for quality information, training and support that leads to a genuine job offer is done all the time in most industries - ranging from the medical profession to the sports industry).

  • She was PREPARED. Although she only had ONE day to get ready for the interview, she managed to prepare herself and pass the interview successfully (although downloading our cruise ship job interview questions may have helped slightly too ;-))
  • She was EXCITED and ENTHUSIASTIC about the opportunity. Make sure that you're excited and let your enthusiasm for this opportunity shine through to the cruise line employer. I've interviewed hundreds of people for cruise ship jobs and I've been surprised many times at how UN-excited people can sound on the phone.
  • This is a life-changing opportunity - GET EXCITED!

  • She was READY for the opportunity. Make sure that you're ready too. Now only having 1 day to get ready is too soon for most people with jobs - but at least have your passport in place and have a good idea of how soon you could leave if needed. Also know exactly what steps you would need to take in order to get organized, if you were offered the job tomorrow...
  • (We actually advised her to ask the cruise line for an extra week to get organized - but this girl was excited and took the challenge!)

    I hope this weeks tip/case-study inspires you and proves to you that getting a job on a ship really can be done sooner than you think.

    Why don't you check out some of the latest cruise ship job vacancies.

    There could be a job waiting for you right now!

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