5 Facts You Need to Know about a Cruise Line to Get Hired
Renee Ruggero

When applying for any job, knowing about the company you want to work for will help you get hired.  The same holds true for getting a job with a cruise line.  Since this step is often neglected by applicants, those that do their research will have a big advantage. 

Find out everything there is to know about Company XYZ by using resources found on as well as going directly to the cruise lines' websites.  Here's what you need to know.


Do You Know the Demographic of the Cruise Guest?
Fact #1:  Get to Know the Fleet


Knowing the size of the fleet will help you determine the size of the company.  Larger fleets may have greater possibilities for career advancement, but smaller fleets have a more family feel for crew members.  Knowing about a new ship launch gives rise to an expanding number of crew required.  And, when a company is investing on refurbishments, it's a sign the company is doing well.


If you know the cruise lines that concentrate on the amenities that are of interest to you, you have a better chance of being hired.  For example, there's no point in applying to be a youth counsellor with Silversea Cruises because they don't have a youth program. 

On the other hand, if you are looking at becoming a guest lecturer about wine, you would need to know that Crystal Cruises and Regent Seven Seas both offer food and wine theme cruises.

Here are some important questions you should research about the cruise line you are interested in.


a)       Which ship will be launched next?  How big will it be?  When is the launch date?

b)      How many ships are currently in the fleet?

c)       Which ships have been recently refurbished? What has been done?



Fact #2:  Who is the Cruise Line's Market?


More specifically, who are the cruise line's passengers?  Each cruise line has a specific demographic. Some cruise lines market their cruises to families from all over the world, while some cruise lines like P&O Cruises market their cruises to British families.  Some cruise lines market their cruises to seniors on a budget while other cruise lines market their cruises to seniors looking for luxury.  It's in your best interest to know about this.


This information is easily found online, but one great book which is a resource about cruising and cruise ships is the ‘Complete Guide to Cruising and Cruise Ships', published by Berlitz.  It is updated every year and includes everything you wanted to know about each cruise ship in operation.  It lacks as a resource for ships about to be launched, though.


This type of information is useful when applying for positions where you have a lot of contact with the guest.  For positions such as Cruise Sales Consultant or even Gift Shops, knowing who your guest is will help you sell your product.

Educate Yourself about the Cruise Line's Fleet


Fact #3:  Know the Cruise Itineraries


Getting to know which cruise lines have itineraries in which parts of the world may help you decide which company to work for.  The fact is that not every cruise line cruises everywhere.  For example, If your dream is to cruise the South Pacific, Disney is not for you.  


Getting to know about what changes a cruise line has made in terms of itineraries can help your cover letter as well.  For example, when applying with Disney Cruise Lines, knowing about their upcoming change of itineraries (they will be in Alaska and the Mexican Riviera for 2011) shows you have a genuine interest in their company.



What You Need to Know to get Hired
Fact #4:  Keep Yourself Informed with Cruise News

There's always something new happening in cruising.  It could be about new ships. It could be about the launching of a new cruise line such as the Voyages to Antiquity.  It could be about the creation of new on board positions such as the Techspert job on Holland America Line that was created last year.   


This type of news isn't generally on your local news or even in a national paper.  You need to find this type of cruise industry news in other sources.  One publication is  Another place for cruise information is


Another place to check is the Press/Media section of the cruise lines' website.  This is where the cruise line publishes recent announcements such as new ships, itineraries and other interesting facts about their company.


Fact #5:  Find the Name of the Contact Person


Don't assume that there is only one contact name for each cruise line.  More often than not there is a different contact person recruiting for each department.  The site has lots of contact info throughout the forums.  Unfortunately, since this info changes so frequently, checking the forums is actually the best way to stay informed.


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